For private lessons in your home.  I’ll send you a lengthy questionnaire to complete and return to me before our first lesson.  Lessons are an hour long.  We do as many lessons as you feel are helpful; there’s no commitment to any certain number.   

After each lesson, I'll give you personalized notes from your lesson as well as some handouts as they apply.  I’m always available by e-mail, for the life of your dog, even after we've stopped training.

I offer a board and train program.  There are two options.  You can choose to have your dog boarded and trained for a set period of time.  The amount of time depends on what you want to accomplish but a minimum of 10 days is strongly recommended.  In this program, the dog gets trained throughout the day each day.  I do a follow-up lesson with you at pick-up.  I also provide everything we do in writing.  The fees for the board and train program are substantially discounted from separate boarding and training after one week.  

OR, while you are boarding your dog, you can choose to have one or more single lessons to work on particular behaviors.  Lessons are $90.00 each and the dog gets trained for approximately 45 minutes each lesson.



SKYPE  lessons meet the needs of those with less traditional schedules, special circumstances, who need a less expensive training option, or in bad weather. 

Before our first lesson I’ll send you a lengthy questionnaire to complete and email to me so I can gather some information about your dog. Lessons are an hour at a fee of $55.00 (tax included) and you can either send me a check or pay by Paypal before the lesson. The only difference is that I can't demonstrate with your dog. I'll tell you what we're going to do, then I'll demo with my dog (Coolidge, a little dachshund) then have you do the training with your dog while I coach you. I'll e-mail you notes and handouts after each lesson.
There’s no commitment to any certain number of lessons: we train for as long as you find it helpful


Private lessons are offered at $50.00 per session (generally one hour sessions) held at Highland Animal Hospital, 399 Patricia Avenue in Denedin, FL or homes located in that general vicinity. $55.00 to homes located out of that generale locale.

Training while your dog is boarding is another option. The cost is the cost of boarding at Highland Animal Hospital (from $20.00 for smaller dogs, up to $29.00 for larger breeds) plus the training fee of $50.00 per session. Each lesson includes training notes and handouts for you to continue the training. Each week of train and board also includes a private lesson with the trainer per week of board and train. The trainer will also make sure your furry pal has some playtime out in the fenced-in yard as well.

Classes now held at:
Tampa Road
Palm Harbor, FL

Ronna Van Veghel,
Aug 30, 2016, 5:42 PM
Ronna Van Veghel,
Aug 30, 2016, 5:42 PM
Ronna Van Veghel,
Aug 30, 2016, 5:42 PM